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Monique Wilmoth
Dark Chambers Disclosure
creating a deep color space via screen print
A 4-color screen print collaboration with Ran Park and Kang Hong

In collaboration with Ran Park and Kang Hong, we designed and screen-printed a 4-color CMYK print paying tribute to the projections and color spaces created by Gibson + Recoder.

"The New York duo’s live projection performances rely on the mechanical and optical foundations of cinema, but nothing much resembling film — leaving only the play of light and darkness, and the articulation of space and time. Creating sensuous effects that recall the shimmering color lights of early cinema or the mesmeric dance of shadows inside Plato’s cave, Gibson + Recoder use celluloid loops, gels, crystals and their own hand gestures to bend, reflect, refract or otherwise manipulate the light beam generated by 35mm film projectors. The result is materially “cinematic,” yet also suggestive of something well beyond. Gibson + Recoder have presented performances and installations at the Whitney Museum, Tate Modern, Ballroom Marfa, M HKA in Antwerp, and Serralves in Porto. They are in residence this spring at CalArts and Young Projects Gallery." (CalArts RedCat Theater)

20in. x 28in. 4-color screenprint